What have substances in energy drinks

KNOWLEDGE OBJECTIVES DUNG.- is tired of the work, you easily get the impression cans of energy drink will restore vitality, but really not much use as feeling. Aquafina Pure Water 500ml

Currently on the market there are over 10 energy drink brand Red Bull (red bull), Rhino (Rhino), Cow Gold (yellow cow), Super Lion (super lion), Lipovitan (implying more vitamins ), … All are symbols for valor.

Taurine panacea

The formula of the energy drink company can vary, but most use of Taurine, they see it as “panacea” to bring the euphoria.

Taurine is an amino acid, but not the kind of essential amino acid (essential amino acids – essential amino acids – are the amino acids that the body can not synthesize, or synthesized at inadequate levels, so that body must take this amino acid from food that we eat. There are about 9 amino acids are considered essential). Taurine is found in the brain and plays an important role in brain development, especially with the cerebellum and retina (eye). However, the medical community believe that if taken into the body through the alley Taurine food, the Taurine will be discharged after a bile acid metabolism. In other words, as “tonic” of Taurine is still something questionable.

The composition “Tonic” More

Several other sectors also added custom energy drink formula of each company, as Inositol (helps digest fat), Nicotinamid (lotion), trimethylxanthine (helps blood circulation) …

A group of “energy” also present in energy drinks, such as water-soluble vitamins of group B, B1, B2, B6 … this B vitamins play a role energy metabolism of the cell . If the body lacks them, easy to create a sense of fatigue, poor resistance to stress … Energy drinks very “generous” in providing B vitamins, even beyond the daily needs, such vitamin B1, needs adult daily 1.5 mg / day, but in energy drinks (eg in Lipovitan), vitamin B 1 to 2.2 mg / cans. Similarly, B2 and B6 needs 1.8 and 2.2 mg, the energy drink contains 3.2 and 4.0 mg. The excess of B vitamins (except vitamin B12) had no beneficial nor harmful, because the body will Eliminator out. AB01

Beverage or pharmaceutical?

The energy drink manufacturer will confirm that this is the only beverage and recipe, the ingredients have been calculated so that users without an energy drink, then it is … do no harm. This means that no one verified as to the energy of this beverage.

However, if you’re a fan of energy drinks, you should note the following points:

– The component “energy” in energy drinks have filled in the daily food, for example: “panacea” Taurine is found in shellfish, fish, beef juice, milk (except milk cows, there is very little). Inositol is found in vegetables, milk. B vitamins can be found in whole grains, beans, vegetables … Teppy Orange Juice With Pulp 1l

– The other additional ingredients in energy drinks such as ginseng, honey … very modest doses can increase data capacity? Need to drink as many cans of a new day “coffee”?

– Energy drinks are very sweet due to high sugar content, is not conducive to the diet, and if long-term use can lead to diabetes.

– Some brands used energy drinks with vitamin B12, the overdose and prolonged vitamin B12 can appear antibodies B12 and the risk of developing cancer.

Energy drink market is on the rise according to the tastes. Counterfeit and pirated goods have appeared in the market, even some establishments producing bottled water are also aim producing energy drinks.

US and European population is still very unfamiliar with energy drinks (energy drink), Asia (mainly from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Japan). Many Europeans that we have spoken are skeptical about the “energy level” of this type of beverage. Wake Up Sai Gon 3 In 1 Classic Bag 24 Sticks19g

Energy efficiency have or no longer need to have the statistical experiments more convincing. But at present, we can put the problem: An energy drink with nutritional data with a smoothie or a glass of orange juice?

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