Understand And Use Energy Drinks

Energy drinks (energy drink) as the name works to help improve health workers more productive and refreshing.

Therefore, the employees, particularly long-haul truck drivers, often energy drink to combat fatigue, drowsiness and recharge. Wonderfarm Winter Melon Tea 320ml

On the market, there are many kinds of energy drink Red Bull (red cow, cow gore), Rhino (Rhino), Cow Gold (yellow cow), Super Lion (super lion), Lipovitan (vitamin live), Revive (revival) …

Nutritional components of energy drinks

Ingredients in energy drinks have slightly different, but usually boiled down: caffeine (coffee substance), taurine, glucuronolactone (after 2014 removed), the B vitamins, sucrose (sugar), glucose (glucose). They also produce sugar-free energy drink, for people who are obese, diabetic, here sweet sugar is replaced by sweeteners (sweetener, saccharine) as acesulfame K, aspartame or sucralose. The effect of refreshing, energetic and anti sleepy thanks mainly taurine and caffeine are two elements to this. G7 Instant Coffee 3 In 1 Bag 50 Sachets

Energy drink very well in the dry season, when many workers

In the human body, there is a balancing switch “dynamic” between the amount of water in the body and come out of the water at about 3 liters per day. Water into the body through food, drink and metabolize food and water body born excreted through urine, breath, sweat and feces.

Summer, dry and hot weather, people rise out of the water waste through perspiration and breathing. As much labor, the heavier the greater the amount of water lost. Therefore, in the summer when the weather is hot oi need to drink more water. Can be used for refreshing drinks such as water, mineral water, juices, beer, soft drinks … and can drink more energy drinks.

With overall nutritional composition as mentioned above, the type of energy drinks are good for workers prolonged, steady job, will moderate dehydration should drink moderate somnolence energy drinks are reasonable and science: (1 ) caffeine alertness and combat sleepiness; (2) Taurine is an amino acid to the feeling of pleasure, excitement; (3) the sugars sucrose, glucose energy supply; (4) the B vitamins help boost overall metabolism. A scientific study by Joris Verster seriously and colleagues, University Ultrecht 2010, to conclude that the energy drink Red Bull reduces sleepiness and enhanced driving performance of the driver cruising.

With well-known slogan “Red Bull Gives you wings!” (Red bull wing for you), many athletes also use motorsport energy drinks when playing. Red bull was also sports reporters honored as “sports drinks” (sports drink) instead of the usual names are energy drinks.

But energy drink can cause graphics!

It should be noted, medicine, functional food, food must have a dose, with the amount. Overeating also being overwhelmed as when overdosed, even vitamins (vitamins) if overdose also causes vitamin excess (hypervitaminosis) dangerous.

Some unwanted effects when drinking energy drinks have been recorded: palpitations, tachycardia, irritability, nausea, chest pain, dizziness, loss of balance, difficulty breathing, headache, trouble sleeping … In some people, drinking coffee can cause fatigue than by the adrenal glands, which secrete the hormone adrenalin, overloaded.

In 10 years, the Center for Food Safety has received more than 140 CAERS complaint about the deadly side effects from drinking energy drinks. Some victims have been hospitalized and fatal cases. There have been cases lay dead at the bar for heavy drinking mixed with energy drinks, athletes have died on the stadium circuit by greed initiates a three or four cans of “health” is.

Need to note

Energy drink beverage is not normal that a functional food or food medicine. Therefore, the need to drink within the limits permitted.

When energy drink to keep in mind: (1) the amount of caffeine (coffee extract) should drink no more than 500 mg / day (4 cups), (2) Energy drinks should not take more than 4 cans, equivalent to 1000 ml / date, (3) should alert the unwanted effects of all products “energy drinks”; (4) Pregnant women, children, the elderly, people of heart disease, diabetes or chronic disease should not drink energy, (5) No energy drink drunk and (6) Absolutely not heavy drinking after work or exercise power!

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