Ribs sweet and sour sauce with Coca-Cola

Hoisin sauce is sweet with Coca-cola, originating from China.

This material is sold in stores specializing in Asian food as well as most of the department counters. If you still have a fever, use it to served with sweet potato as an interesting side dish, or can scan up pork chops or grilled salmon. Sriacha sauce used in this recipe is quite flexible. Sriacha is the kind of Thai origin fever, pungent, but somewhere still feel the sweet sound. You can find Sriacha in major department stores and international food markets.

Preparation: 20 minutes | Processing: 8 hours | For: 1 eaters


1 cup of Coca-Cola

1 cupsoy sauce

1 cupsweet and sour sauce (hoisin)

2 tablespoonsSriracha sauce

1 tablespoonrice vinegar

1 sliceginger, minced

1 clovegarlic

1 kgpork ribs

1 teaspoonground black pepper

1 tspsalt

1 teaspoonfive spice powder

1 teaspoonchili powder


Preparing the sauce to cook: Mix the Coca-Cola water, soy sauce, hoisin sauce, Sriracha sauce, rice vinegar, ginger and garlic – to in a bowl (the bowl) separate. LIPTON BLACK TEA LEMON FLAVOUR 350ML

Prepare dry spice mixture: Mix pepper, salt, five spice powder and chilli powder in a separate bowl.

Cut the pork ribs into sections and put in dry spice mixture.

Baked or fried meat for gold through the two sides.

Place the meat with the sauce and cook in a pressure cooker with a low temperature of about 8 hours (or until the steak reach desired tenderness). Some can scan up meat sauce. TEPPY ORANGE JUICE WITH PULP 1L

Additionally, you can also try using 1.4 kg of chopped pork chops to shorten the processing time to about 6 hours if cooking at low temperature and high temperature 5 hours.

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