Carbonated Mineral Water Volume: 500 ml

Bottle: Pet bottle

Price: 116 000

Crating: 24 Bottles / Carton


Vinh Hao Mineral Water Carbonated: single product is honored to be awarded the Vietnam Delicious dish 2010. The product is suitable for those who play sports due to the offset amount of mineral salts lost through sweating during campaigning. Besides the beverage and mineral supplements for the body, Vinh Hao Mineral Water Carbonated also give you a healthy body, radiance and vitality every day.

Vinh Hao Mineral Water Carbonated can drink immediately, drink more delicious when chilled. The product is suitable for use in banquets, food, for sport, tourism, accompanied by a wine to contribute to hangover.

Special can be mixed with lemon sugar: the minerals dissolved in water such as Ca, Na, Mg, K, …. do electrolytes, combined with vitamin C from fresh lemons for your drinks refreshing, cooling delicious and nutritious very effective in hot season.

Be tapped and bottled at source, healthy environment because of how far from residential areas, pumped up from a depth of over 30 meters with the production line closed high technology imported from Europe (Belgium) without going through any stage by any chemical treatment, thus Vinh Hao mineral water carbonated remains intact mineral content and maintain the natural, highest purity.

Vinh Hao – a Vietnamese brand with a rich history of more than 80 years, has been a lot of consumer trust and choice. Vinh Hao mineral water source was discovered from the early fourteenth century. Until 1928, the French scientists have researched and discovered Vinh Hao Mineral Water has excellent quality with elements Bicarbonate sodium (as Vichy France at the time), to meet all four elements sodium, potassium , magnesium and calcium in the proper ratios. Since then, the bottled mineral water Vichy – Vinh Hao was born and occupy the largest market share in the market of Vietnam at that time. Differences make distinctions of Vinh Hao Mineral Water is containing high levels of bicarbonate (HCO3-) – anti-acids (antacids), reduces the acidity of the stomach, helps with stomach and bloating mercy . Thanks to this special characteristic that Vinh Hao Mineral Water is considered good quality products compared to similar products on the market. Therefore, Vinh Hao Mineral Water soon became close friends of each family, and not by simply refreshing value but also because of the special interests of the health giving.

Currently, carbonated mineral water of Vinh Hao has the following categories:

1. Mineral Water Carbonated 450ml glass bottle

2. Mineral water Soda 500ml PET bottle resin (bottle is made of thick plastic material to ensure the mineral content in the product gas and always remained committed to the customer on the label).

Product applies standards food safety ISO 22000: 2005 and distributed in retail outlets, dealers, supermarkets across the country.

Is drinking delicious when chilled, refreshing feeling to enjoy.


Due to the high mineral content, carbonated mineral water Sodium Bicarbonate Vinh Hao with many very good for the digestive system, helping to reduce stomach acidity, thereby reducing stock mercy stomach and bloating. At the same time, help provide essential trace mineral for the body and compensate for the minerals lost during work, exercise, or play sports, …. giving you a healthy very supple and durable.

Be blessed, carbonated mineral water Vinh Hao contain high levels of essential minerals such as sodium, magnesium, calcium, silicon, potassium, bicarbonate, … enhances the function of skin cells, prevent wrinkles by stimulating activity of vitamin E, improves motor functions of the nervous system, digestion, help agencies operate more efficiently. One of the uses of carbonated mineral water is recommended by doctors attached to support the treatment of gout. In addition, the product also works to support liver detoxification, supplements the important mineral needed by the body while working, exercising or when tired …, bring health to consolidate and full of life everyday.

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