Cotton silk – superior material.

Cotton silk is one of the premium materials; It gives the product different characteristics: no wrinkles, cool. Silk cotton is the material that makes up the difference for the Bolzano fashion brand.
Silk – High-grade material Cotton fabric is spinning from the silk of cotton to form the fabric. Cotton is the material consumers around the world favor because of its advantages: airy, soft, easy to wash, with high moisture absorption. However, cotton fabric after washing is quite crumpled. This is a very normal phenomenon and the fabric will look good after ironing.

Pure silk has brought in the essence and unique crystallization of nature so the silk thread is honored as the “Queen” of the textile. For those who have used silk fabric easy to realize its advantages are light, airy, warm when it is cold and very cool in the summer. However, fabrics are easy to fade and crunchy when exposed to the sun.
Cotton silk is a perfect combination of natural cotton and fine silk. Instead of combining with Polyester as usual, the cotton is blended with a superior material rather than silk, to increase comfort for the consumer but has a good durability than silk 100% and the price. yes more.
What brought silk cotton for customers
was created by the advanced technology, and thoroughly treated, all the products are brought to customers feeling comfortable to wear.
The special feature  product is its anti-wrinkle capability, which makes it easy for customers to travel far away. Just take the product from the suitcase and hook up, after one night the product was straight naturally.
Besides, because it is a natural material, there is no harm to health when used for a long time.
Highlights are the bodys are weaving blocks, which give the product a highlight, making the wearer confident when working or partying.

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