Muslim women say: “The ban on wearing burkini swimwear is unreasonable”

Many Muslim women have shown fierce reaction to the ban on wearing bikinis called burkini on French beaches recently.

The ban makes many obstacles for visitors like Burkini

“I usually wear a normal headscarf and do not cover my face. I do not understand why I need to wear a bikini when going on vacation, it is not reasonable,” AFP quoted Wendy, a French girl Muslim. lament. Wendy is one of a growing number of Muslim women who feel increasingly stigmatized by a recent ban on burkini wear in some French cities. The ban on women wearing burkini stems from concerns over the threat of threats to France’s security after a series of recent terrorist attacks in the country. The ban has now been enforced on 15 French beaches and caused controversy.

Burkini is tight-fitting swimwear?

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The National Council, the highest administrative body of France, will conduct a review of the request to lift the ban on a petition from the Human Rights Union (LHP) on August 25. Meanwhile, many lower courts have supported the ban of French mayors. A court in the Riviera in the city of Nice – the scene of a bloody truck attack in July – declared the “burkini” a challenge or provocation, exacerbating tensions in the community. Burkini is a term for the combination of the two words “burqa” (a long tunic that covers the whole body and face which are traditional costumes of Muslim women) and “bikini”. Burkini is like a swimwear that covers the head, covering the body, revealing only the face, hands and feet, designed by Aheda Zanetti, an Australian citizen. This type of outfit has become popular in recent years. The designer said she received many orders from non-Muslims as well as new ones from skin cancer.

Desire to go swimming in peace with Burkini


Many people believe that Burkini denotes religious belief while others see it practically. “I don’t want to go in the water and dress as usual (not wearing a burkini). Water will ruin your clothes, ”Wendy said,“ I just want to go swimming in peace. ” The burkini ban also caused a lot of confusion. One wonders if the problem lies in the swimwear itself or if it is worn at sea. In France, a country with 5 million Muslims, burkinis rarely appear and only a handful of Muslim women still wear this type of outfit when sailing. Siam was once punished for wearing long pants, ao dai and a headscarf on the beach in Cannes. The reason given is that Siam did not wear “clothes that respect proper ethical values ​​and secularism”. “I was sitting on the beach with my family and wearing a familiar headscarf. I had no intention of swimming,” the 34-year-old woman said. “The saddest thing is that some people screamed to scare her away, others clapped at police action, while her daughter was weeping,” a witness said. told.

‘Nonsense arguments’ with The Ban on Wearing Burkini Swimwear

France was the first European country to ban Muslim veil in public in 2010, six years after the ban on headscarves and other popular religious symbols at public schools. However, ordinary people are still allowed to wear the headscarf in public. Lamia, a friend of Wendy’s, recalled that when she was young she also went to the beach. Her mother still wore a long black dress. “It is wet and sandy. The burkini is merely to help Muslims swim more easily … Extremely opportunistic people think beaches are only for heathens, “she explained. Both Lamia and Wendy found it “pointless” to refer to the argument that the anti-Islamic wave (Islamophobia) increased after a series of terrorist attacks. Lamia said burkini wearers are “free to choose at will and just want to enjoy their holidays”. According to her, the name of this swimsuit should be changed because “it is meant to offend the burqa”. Tatiana, a salesman at an Islamic fashion store in Paris, also doesn’t accept the name “burkini”. She said most of her clients are mothers who want to go swimming with their families.

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