How to choose cloth for pets?

Choose the best outfit for your pet

Is it necessary to wear clothes for dogs and cats?

According to the concept of dogs and cats, the short or long hair on my body is already the clothes. So it is not necessary to wear clothes for pet, but there are also some babies who have a special interest in fashion.

You must have enjoyed watching the dogs dressed in festive days such as the charming reindeer on Christmas Eve, the elegant groomsmen in the tux on the wedding day … are great, unique ideas that owners give their pets; and they will surely feel proud to be treated like their close friends.

When on duty, especially in search and rescue, dogs are often equipped with protective gear such as elastic boots or coats. They are even dressed in swimsuits to avoid drowning; or wear sunglasses to protect eyes from debris, ultraviolet rays and improve vision.

Part of this is due to an early childhood habit of dressing and dressing, partly because they’re comfortable and it’s become a hobby.

Is it necessary to wear clothes for dogs and cats?
Is it necessary to wear clothes for dogs and cats?

Note when buy dog and cat clothes

Buying beautiful and eye-catching outfits is not only a way for you to show your love for your pets, but also partly to express their importance in your eyes.

Let your pet wear seasonal clothes

– Winter:

In the winter, for cats and dogs with heavy fur, it seems unnecessary to wear clothes. But, with some special cases, they often get depressed, eat in moderation, weak foot and back or stoop, gloomy body shape … in the cold winter, it is clear that they are affected by the weather. Buying dog clothes and letting them wear it is almost necessary if you do not want them to get caught in the flu, fever.

Note the material, in the winter you should choose a wool fabric, thin or thick depending on the thickness of the dog and cat fur. Felt fabric is also a good choice, because it is easy to wash, or blended fabric, cotton fabric.

Let your pet wear seasonal clothes
Let your pet wear seasonal clothes

– Summer:

In the summer, it will be uncomfortable for the dogs and cats if you wear them clothes from thick fabrics. So you just need to buy dogs and cats thin clothes, keep the air for the body so they can comfortably play.

Currently, you will see many dog ​​and cat clothes with many designs adapted from many movie characters like Sun Wukong, Emperor, etc.

Do not force cats and dogs to wear clothes

Not all of babies want to wear clothes, though it has many benefits such as keeping the body warm, looking more beautiful, … but if they don’t want to wear, you should not force them to do anything.

Sometimes, if you deliberately force them to wear clothes; Many puppies will be frightened, angry and even attack you. You should note that do not force any dog to wear clothes; especially timid, shy or agitated dogs.

Do not force cats and dogs to wear clothes
Do not force cats and dogs to wear clothes

Whether a dog or a cat is indifferent or it is interested in dressing; You should also let the dog get used to the item first. Let the dog sniff the items before putting them on. Besides, do not forget to reward your baby if they obediently wear clothes.

Should choose clothes that fit

Whether it’s a pet or a person, wearing clothes that are too wide or too tight will bring about certain discomfort. With puppies, wearing too large clothes can easily cause them to stumble, while tight clothes make them difficult to breathe, difficult to run and run. Therefore, you should choose comfortable clothes, easy to move, easy to wear and take off. Choose for children the shirt does not fit long dots, will not make them entangled when traveling.

How to choose a size for your pets

Dogs have many breeds, from large breeds like Clams, Rottweiler or small species like Chihuahua, Fox, … so choosing the size of clothes for dogs is also a problem.

Pet Clothing models are very diverse with animated colors to suit each of your puppies and also many different sizes for body weight, based on the guide to choose pet size, we Hopefully, it will make it easier for you to choose new clothes for your pets. Designs, designs to very eye-catching and lovely materials; Put on the pet’s dog, they will become bright and create a clean feeling.

You need to prepare a soft wire or tape measure to measure dog’s size. To choose the right size pet clothes; People often base on three criteria: Necklace – Bust – Back length.

Choosing the size of clothes for dogs is also a problem
Choosing the size of clothes for dogs is also a problem

When you go to buy clothes for dogs and cats, you will find there are 2 common sizes; is the numerical size: 1-2-3-4-5, or the font size: XS – S – M – L – XL-XXL. In fact, these two types are equivalent in size; so you don’t have to fret about conversion. Size 1 is equivalent to XS, 2 is equivalent to S, … but we also need to measure and check for accuracy because each manufacturer will be able to specify their own size when sewing.

Transform your pet into a stylish “model” with beautiful cat and dog clothes

There are models of beautiful dog and cat clothes playing in dog and cat clothing shops with a variety of designs and materials. The owner always wants his baby pet to look so beautiful that other people have to admire. And perhaps, your pets will be proud to take care of themselves, and to treat as part of the family.

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