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Ingredients: 100% natural

PACKING: The packaging for the glass is fragile, fragile like perfume, essential oil, …. Material is air bubble sheet sealed products. These bubbles have an anti-shock effect.

Origin: Viet Nam

Capacity : 450ml

MOQ: 1container 20 ”

Payment term: T/T ,L/C

Delivery time: Within 15 – 25 days since receiving deposit payment or origin L/C.


  • Extracted from nature
  • Helps prevent hair loss and stimulates hair growth
  • Does not contain toxic substances for hair

Directions for use: Take a sufficient amount of foam skin foam, rinse with water and use conditioner if needed.

Store in a cool, dry place, below 30 ° C, away from direct sunlight.


  • Natural Herbal Hair Loss Shampoo (450ml) extracted from nature, with 13 natural ingredients: lemongrass, pomegranate, incense, potassium, grapefruit, coconut oil, 6 other herbs.
  • Are medicinal herbs that help prevent hair loss and stimulate hair growth is very strong.
  • Through the process of fermentation will help to produce beneficial micro-organisms (such as yeast in yogurt), they penetrate the hair roots, supplement the hair from which the hair is stronger, increase grow faster.
  • This reduces the amount of hair loss and hair grows faster.

Organic products are certified by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA)


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