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Volume: 400g

Made in Viet Nam

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Ingredients: Organic rice porridge is grown at Organica Organic Farm in Long Thanh, Dong Nai. Vegetables are grown in an organic way (no chemical fertilizers, chemical pesticides and growth promoters).

General information:

Beetroot has many types, such as rice, amaranth. Organic spinach is organic sweet, cool, cool effect, cool blood, diuretic, antiseptic. Red beetroot has the effect of heat treatment, hematopoietic hepatitis. Beetroot is produced by organic process, under strict conditions, ensuring quality and food safety for the health of consumers.

The product is pre-processed and packed according to quality standards. (With certificate of origin)


Amaranth is an organic vegetable that has the potential to increase radioactive excretion, eliminate toxins due to high levels of sterols, unsaturated fatty acids.

Amaranthus can use whole plants and roots. Dessert sweet rice solder, Yachts sweet sweet taste. Both types of heat, cool liver, gas and gas. Amaranth can be used to cook, fried, amaranth juice. Amaranth is good for people with dysentery, constipation, urinary disorders, red eyes, swollen sore throat, insect bites, every day should use from 100 to 250g.

MOQ: 1 container 20 ”

Payment: T / T, L / C

Delivery Time: 15 – 20 days after payment.

Certified organic vegetables EU & USDA / NOP by Control Union.


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