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Ingredients: Red radish is cultivated according to organic standards at Lac Duong Organica garden, Lam Dong. No pesticides, chemical fertilizers and growth stimulants are used.

Product introduction

Red beetroots, also known as sugar beets, are closely related to beets. Red round beetroot, small in size, has a thin red shell covering the white meat inside. Red beet is one of the vegetables with high anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer effect very well.


Radish contains a lot of B vitamins, and many minerals are beneficial for health, so the traditional medicine is still used to treat diseases. Beets do not get hot, cold winter we often eat more meat, eat meat will produce phlegm, easily hot. When eating meat we should combine with a little turnip or make some radish dishes, so it is not easy to be hot and the effect of nutrition is very good.

In addition, sugar beet also has little known uses such as: TB lung coughing blood.A chronic bronchitis. Young children cough. Eat raw radish – lungs.


– Red beets are made into dumplings, stewed with soup, and can also be soaked with vinegar to make sweet and sour dishes.

Here are some tips for making red beet soup: Red beet soup

– Red beet salad and lettuce


A few red beets daily processed with other dishes during the meal will help to reduce the amount of heat and fat.

Methods of preservation

Before putting in the refrigerator, cut the bulb and leaf separately. Remove the leaves and bulbs in a separate bag and place them in the refrigerator compartment. Green leaves can last only about 3.4 days, while the root can last up to 3 weeks.

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The product is certified organic EU & USDA / NOP by Control Union.


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