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Made in Viet Nam




Ingredients: Organic Choysum is grown at Organica Organic Farm in Long Thanh, Dong Nai. Vegetables are grown by organic methods (no chemical fertilizers, chemical pesticides and growth stimulants).


Organic radish is an excellent source of vitamin C, vitamin A (in the form of carotenoids) and manganese, and a good source of zinc. Choysum also provides us with a concentration of antioxidants.

Choysum is a popular vegetable used by housewives. According to Oriental medicine sweet taste, has the benefit of good taste, breast augmentation, digestive gas, … can be used to cure cough, constipation. In addition, eating lots of choysum helps to prevent hemorrhoids, colon cancer, liver cancer and combination therapy for cancer and liver cirrhosis.

Nutrition Facts: Abumin, sugar, pamic acid, iodine …

Production process:

Organic Chickpea is grown by Nico Nico Yasai Farm, a water source taken from 60 meters below the ground, used for irrigation and vegetable washing. In addition, Nico Yasai uses bio-based pesticides, such as spring rolls, peppers, garlic, distilled liquors.

Moreover, the farmland is not contaminated with chemicals and pesticides, providing the best nutrition for consumers. Farms used fertilizer is a kind of natural materials such as rice husk and ash, peanut shell, chicken manure, pig manure …

MOQ: 1 container 20 ”

Payment: T / T, L / C

Delivery: 15 – 20 days after payment.

Certified organic vegetables EU & USDA / NOP by Control Union.


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