Packing: Vacuum bag / carton.

Ingredients: 100% natural, no toxic substance

Weight: 500g

Made in Viet Nam

Nutrition and Health Facts:

In addition to the main constituents are protid, starch, fat, fiber, green beans contain vitamin E, B1, B2, B3, B6, vitamin C, vitamin K, and The minerals Ca, Mga, K, Zn, …

Green beans also provide a source of soluble fiber. Green beans are sweet, slightly sweet, welding properties, non toxic, tonic, heat bar, cool liver, detoxification, ulcer treatment, brighten the eyes, sore throat, lower blood pressure, suitable for victims drunk sunshine, ulcers …

In addition, the green pea contains many active ingredients in the Flavonoid group, which inhibits the growth of cancer cells, especially to reduce breast and prostate cancer. Therefore, many people cook green peas to eat.

Use: For cooking or grinding.

Storage: Store in dry, dry place.

MOQ: 1container 20 ”

Payment term: T/T ,L/C

Delivery time: Within 15 – 25 days since receiving deposit payment or origin L/C.

The product is certified organic, packaged & distributed in accordance with Australian standards issued by NASAA.


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